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Dental employers and dental job seekers can connect the salary dots with Salary Connect, the newest addition to’s online dental networking platform.

Dallas, TX - February 27, 2017: helps dental employers and dental job seekers connect the salary dots with the latest addition to its online dental networking platform. Salary Connect provides minimum, maximum and median salaries by dental job title, and specific to a geographic region. Employees looking for a dental job, or working as a dental hygienist, dental assistant, or dental front office staff, can be sure they are compensated fairly for their work. Dental employers use the tool to determine a competitive salary in their market, so they attract and keep qualified employees.

“There are so many questions that go along with the dental employment equation, and salary is definitely at the top of the list,” stated founder Feridoon Amini. “The answers to salary questions can often mean the difference between making a good match, and losing a good employee.”

The Salary Connect tool provides benefits for both sides of the dental salary equation, without revealing any confidential information. A dental hygienist looking for a new job in Houston, TX, for example, simply selects the job title and geographic area, and immediately has a better handle on the salary situation in that market. A dental professional moving from one area to another can check out potential job salaries to allow for better family budgeting. Dental employees who want to know whether their salary is competitive can find out in a matter of seconds.

Dental employers benefit as well from the open availability of salary information. It can be frustrating trying to hire and retain qualified employees when there is no response to advertisements or they leave shortly after starting the job. Perhaps salary levels are factoring into this equation.

“When there is turnover in a dental practice, the whole office suffers in terms of productivity and income earning potential,” concluded Amini. “Taking good care of employees from a morale and financial point of view makes good business sense, and is more cost-effective in the long term as opposed to having a high degree of unrest and office turnover.” and its patient-facing site,, continue expanding to meet the ever-changing needs of the dental industry. was recently featured in a profile article in North Texas Dentistry magazine for designing the ultimate suite of practice management tools including Staff Connect, Patient Connect and now Salary Connect. The next expansion to the platform, MarketPlace, is anticipated for release later in 2017. It will connect dental offices with quality labs, services, and other vendors to keep operating costs low.

About is the leading, full-service online platform where dental professionals can network, fill dental jobs, attract dental patients, and communicate with others in the dental industry. Further information may be obtained by visiting the website at, connecting on Facebook, following @DentalSpots on Twitter, or calling 1-800-971-8008.